Slovenian building inspectors discovered 25 illegal structures, three of which were dangerous

Construction/ Photo: Free Press/Archive

Slovenian building inspectors discovered 25 unauthorized buildings in a targeted campaign against buildings under construction, carried out from February to May. A total of 176 examinations were performed, 121 procedures were initiated. One misdemeanor decision was issued in the total amount of 2.000 euros, the inspectorate announced, the Slovenian agency STA reported.

In the campaign in which 38 building inspectors participated, they checked whether a building permit was obtained for the building or the building and whether the building complied with the issued building permit. The action was primarily aimed at detecting unauthorized, heavy and less demanding facilities under construction, said the Inspectorate of Natural Resources and Space of RS.

25 unauthorized buildings were discovered, of which 16 were illegal constructions, six non-compliant and three dangerous. They ordered the construction to be stopped and the illegal constructions to be removed within a given period. In the case of discovered dangerous objects, in one case a ban on use and prevention of access to the object is ordered, in another, the execution of urgent works for the object's maintenance, and in a third, removal of the object.

In one case, the building inspector made a decision by which he ordered a deadline for the cessation of use of the building because the building was without a use permit.

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