Slovenian businessmen complain: there is no news about the economy, and competitiveness is getting worse!

Photo: Twitter Visit Ljubljana

The business sector of Slovenia sent a letter to Prime Minister Robert Golob, warning him that the agreements and the desire for constructive cooperation have not been fulfilled.
"It is clear that they are not listening to the economy, whose competitiveness is therefore deteriorating. As a result, this adversely affects the well-being of society," they wrote.

"The government shows no real understanding of the economy." There seems to be no willingness to take a step in the direction of making it easier and thus more competitive. At the moment, it seems that he is only looking for new sources to further burden the economy and to increase public spending", say the economic, craft-entrepreneurial, commercial, tax advisory and British-Slovenian and Slovenian-German chambers, associations of banks, employers and entrepreneurs. The working bodies established with the government, such as the tax group, the tax strategic council and the group for the removal of administrative obstacles, are focused on themselves, and the discussion on the removal of administrative obstacles in the field of health did not bring progress either, they state.

"That's why it seems that there is no desire for constructive cooperation", they assess and add that they regret such a relationship, because they think that these groups are a prelude to the re-establishment of the tripartite social dialogue, which ensures equal treatment of all partners and brings the best solutions for the whole society, informs H1 Slovenia.

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