The Slovenian government will return the money to the citizens and abolish the fines for violating the covid-measures

Kovid Slovenia
People walk in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia / Photo: EPA-EFE / IGOR KUPLJENIK

The government of Slovenia has decided to return money to citizens and cancel the fines imposed for breaking the rules during the lockdown due to the coronavirus.

One of the examples and symbols of the cruel way in which the authorities introduced restrictions for the coronavirus is a delivery man from Ljubljana who was fined 400 euros. During working hours, he sat on the steps in front of the church to rest and eat burek. Then the police approached him and punished him for taking off his mask. Now that delivery man will get his money back and his police record will be cleared.

The same applies to more than 60.000 other Slovenians who violated the measures against Covid.

The police issued fines in the amount of almost 6 million euros in a period longer than two years. But as of this week, the law to return that money comes into force.

The return of the money was one of Prime Minister Robert Golob's promises before his centre-left Freedom Movement was elected last year. The previous right-wing administration, led by former prime minister Janez Janša, imposed severe restrictions on freedom of movement and assembly.

In various places, Slovenes were not allowed to travel outside their local areas, and night curfews were introduced.

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