Slovakia: We can no longer help Ukraine with weapons

Ukrainian drones / Photo EPA-EFE/OLEG PETRASYUK

The president of Slovakia Zuzana Chaputova today in Warsaw he said that Slovakia can no longer help Ukraine with weapons because it has given everything it could and that the changes after the coming to power of Prime Minister Robert Fitz and the election of Peter Pellegrini as the President of Slovakia are just words, and all other help for Ukraine continues.

"I don't expect too many changes after the arrival of the new president." Greater military aid to Ukraine is not possible because Slovakia has done everything it could in that area," Czaputova said after a conversation with Polish President Andrzej Duda, Polish media reports.

Duda thanked Czaputova for her farewell visit to Warsaw and agreed with her that Poland can count on good cooperation with the newly elected President Pellegrini.

"I know Pellegrini and I believe that the cooperation will be very good. "Pellegrini is a very experienced politician and as my past experience shows, he led a very balanced policy and I don't expect anything else," said Duda.

They no longer send weapons to Ukraine from their military warehouses, but like Slovakia they have sent all the old weapons, mostly Soviet, that they don't need.

At a press conference with Czaputova, the Polish president said today that he is against the plan of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk for Poland to join the project to build a kind of iron dome, a powerful air defense system like the one that protects Israel, which, according to Tusk should build it for himself and for the European Union.

"It is a German business project that appeared two years ago. So it's relatively new compared to what we've already started building, which is something else. I understand that the prime minister is thinking about eventually joining that system as an add-on, but I cannot imagine that we will abandon the project that we have been building for years, based on the Vistula system, the Patriot missiles that are currently on their way to Poland," said the Polish president.

Andrzej Duda emphasized that the European iron dome will be based on German systems, Poland already chose to cooperate with the United States and Great Britain several years ago.

"Iran's attack on Israel showed how important it is for us to get this type of system as well." There is no reason why Europe should not have its own shield against missiles and drones. Europe is in a danger zone. "We have to change the decade-long paradigm in Europe, which started from there that there would be no war, and that we would be under the American defense umbrella," Polish Prime Minister Tusk said yesterday in Warsaw.

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