'Free press' at the London vote: Poor diaspora turnout in Britain

A polling station in the Macedonian embassy in London/ Photo: Sloboden Pechat/ Borjan Bojchev

PN: The Macedonian Embassy in London says that the fact that Tuesday was a working day in Britain can be cited as the main reason for the low turnout of Macedonian citizens.

The first round of the presidential elections in which the Macedonian diaspora voted in Great Britain and Northern Ireland on Tuesday passed peacefully and with a low turnout. Even though there were a total of 87 registered voters, few of them came to vote.

Tuesday being a working day in Great Britain was probably the reason for the low turnout of Macedonian citizens. Almost all of the voters who came to cast their vote live near the Embassy of the Republic of North Macedonia in London, so they had no problem getting out of their workplace.

According to the employees of the Embassy, ​​it is problematic for those who live further from London to come and vote, precisely because this year the elections in Macedonia are held on Wednesday (Tuesday for the diaspora).

The gloomy and rainy weather, which Britain is known for, may have been an additional reason why Macedonian citizens in Britain did not exercise their right to vote.

There were several cases of citizens who forgot to register to vote, and when they came to the Embassy they realized that they had made a mistake. But if they return to Macedonia, they will be able to vote in the second round of the presidential elections.

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