"Sloboden Pechat" learns: Minister Demiri received a report on the increase in mortality at the Cardiac Surgery Clinic.

The Minister of Health Ilir Demiri ordered an audit of the mortality rate at the Cardiac Surgery Clinic and the results are devastating, "Sloboden Pechat" learned from its well-informed sources.

According to information from "Sloboden Pechat", Demiri received a report on the increase in mortality at the Clinic, which refers to the period from the middle of 2023 last year to the end of winter 2024.

According to the report prepared by an expert Commission of four members, mortality is noticeably higher for mild heart conditions, as well as for a mechanically implanted heart. Our data is that the Commission made the analyzes based on the results of "My term" and in one month out of 12 performed operations, it was found that 6 patients died.

Demiri briefly confirmed for "Sloboden Pechat" that he had ordered a report on the mortality at the Cardiac Surgery Clinic, but did not want to comment on the results over the phone.

World standards require mortality to be from 0 to 6 percent after assessing the patient's health status.

We turned to Dr. Marjan Shokarovski, current director of the Cardiac Surgery Clinic, who did not provide precise information on the mortality rate because he is out of the country, but he pointed out that they had a 30 percent increase in workload and a decrease in mortality.

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