Sloboden Pechat finds out details about the "printing house" for fake diplomas in Struga

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The printing house for fake, forged diplomas in Struga, which was run from his computer by 34-year-old D.M. had a client who, as a buyer who paid money to get the counterfeit - wanted to get a job in Macedonia, Sloboden Pechat learns from its well-informed sources involved in the investigation.

According to our confirmed information, it was an extremely high-quality forgery of a diploma that was not real. The diploma had the name of a school for secondary targeted education, and the buyer, such purchased diploma, tried to present it as true for employment. Sources from the investigation claim that so far they have discovered only one such printed diploma that there was an attempt to put into legal circulation for employment, but the possibility that there are others is not excluded. The ongoing investigation should show that. The office for criminal investigations in Struga filed a report against the 34-year-old forger from Struga for the crime of forging documents.

Teams of the Ministry of the Interior broke into his home on June 4, during which inauthentic diplomas were discovered and seized.

A computer containing files used to produce such documents was also seized.

OVR Struga, in coordination with the public prosecutor's office, is taking additional further measures to shed light on the event.

The police and the prosecutor's office are not revealing the name of the secondary vocational school in order to protect its reputation, and for now they are not even investigating whether the school is somehow involved in this illegal sale of "education".

Otherwise, the proposal of the Minister of Education and Science, Vesna Janevska, announced an audit of the higher education institutions, which for years have been followed by scandals about the purchase of diplomas, low standards and the production of low-quality staff who then easily find positions in the administration and state institutions. The last scandal in the series with private universities was the one with the International University of Struga, known as the University of Merco, which recently received and then lost its accreditation for medical sciences. With the signature of Minister Jeton Shaqiri, a Higher Medical School for Nursing would have been opened, but the Accreditation Board withdrew the previously adopted decision.

Buying diplomas must stop, those higher education institutions will be closed, announced Janevska

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