Next month, the court in Salekhard will decide whether Navalny's body will be handed over to his mother

Farewell to Alexei Navalny in Russia / Photo EPA-EFE/CLEMENS BILAN

The court in the Russian city of Salekhard said that on March 4, behind closed doors, it will decide on the request of Lyudmila Navalnaya (69), the mother of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, to hand over the body of her son, who died in prison on Friday. February 16.

Lyudmila Navalnaya has been trying since Saturday to find the body, whose whereabouts she claims she does not know. She appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin to hand over the body to her, so that she could bury her son with dignity.

"I haven't been able to see him for the fifth day. They don't want to hand over his body to me. They don't even tell me where it is. The solution to this problem depends solely on you. Let me finally see my son. I demand that Alexei's body be handed over to me immediately, so that I can bury him as a human," Lyudmila Navalnaya said in a video message to Putin.

Russian authorities say Navalny's cause of death remains unknown and are refusing to hand over the body for the next two weeks as an investigation is carried out.

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