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The journalists of "Sloboden Pechat" and in the new season of the information show "Sloboden Pechat" regularly inform you about the latest developments in the country and in the world.

In the show, we debate and analyze with our interlocutors the most pressing topics in Macedonian society, and we also offer you interesting guests from the sphere of sports, culture, art and entertainment.

Follow news, reports, reports and surveys within the show, as well as live calls from the field, we inform you promptly, quickly and accurately about all events that are in the focus of the Macedonian public.

Aleksandra Vuksanović is the presenter of the show's content.

🔴 Follow the broadcast live from the studio of Sloboden Pechat, every weekday live from 9.00 a.m. on YouTube channel Sloboden Pechat TV and the official one Facebook profile of Sloboden Pechat.

In the studio of "Sloboden Pechat" guests are: Gjoko Velkovski - technical minister of labor and social work, Biljana Mihajlovska - director of DIC and Albert Musliu - analyst.


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