The famous football ace Dejan Rambo Petkovic - ambassador of FC Rabotnicki and NFT K-club

Dejan Petkovic will be Rabotnicki's ambassador / photo: FC Rabotnicki

Rabotnicki's team will be the first professional football club in the world to step into the NFT world. With this, the club opened the door wide to the digital sphere. A world-famous name is the ambassador and supporter of this project.

It is a great honor for FC Rabotnicki to announce that the ambassador of the club, as well as of the NFT K-club, will be Dejan Petkovi Ра Rambo, the famous Serbian football player who is literally famous as a football deity in Brazil.

Rabotnicki proudly stands as the leader of the revolutionary changes in the football world, as well as in the NFT space! With the help of FC Rabotnicki, enabled by NFT technology, real football operations will be available to privileged members of the digital community.

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