Slavcho Poposki warns: There are conditions for light ice, here are the places and when!

Slavcho Poposki / Photo:

Under the influence of colder air from the north, today the weather in Macedonia will be variable cloudy and cooler with moderate, and along the Povardarie occasionally stronger wind from the north and northwest.

Temperatures will be slightly lower than in previous days, by about 5 to 6 degrees and the maximum daily will rise in the range of 10 to 18 degrees, says our weather forecaster Slavcho Poposki.

According to Poposki, in the coming days we will have stable, dry and sunny weather, occasionally with moderate, local and more significant clouds. A light to moderate wind will blow from the southeast, which will intensify especially tomorrow, along the Povardarie.

- The temperatures, and the maximum ones are not much…

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