Weak interest of the people of Kumanovo in waste selection

The Kumanovo enterprise "Cistota i Zelenilo", which recently started a project to collect selected garbage from households in two larger settlements, has registered a weak interest in waste selection. DEAD. Only twenty-two Kumanians joined the action. The company says that despite this, the project will continue to be implemented.

"We will not give up, we will see how it goes in the coming months in these two neighborhoods, we hope that citizens will be interested, perhaps more marketing of the measure itself and a pilot project is needed, but what makes me happy is that citizens from other parts of the city contact us and are interested in waste selection. In the coming period, we will have to think about how to extend this action to a larger part of the city and see how it will work", said the director, Daniel Stojchevski.

The Kumanovo utility company has been working on waste selection for several years. Equipment has been purchased, dishes are placed on public areas. But a large number of unscrupulous citizens, the so-called wild collectors, collect the garbage and destroy the dishes. The company therefore started a project to collect selected waste from the households themselves. The selection of cans, paper and plastic is done in special bags, which are picked up at the public enterprise. Waste is collected from the user's home. The top five collectors also receive prizes. The goal is to raise awareness among citizens about waste sorting.

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