Skopje heating plants officially have gas only until tomorrow, ESM has not announced a new purchase

Heating BEG heating / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

The state company ESM (Power Plants of North Macedonia) assured yesterday that it has gas and money available, as well as that there will be no problems with the heating, but the company did not inform us about a new concluded purchase of energy, so it is not clear whether from tomorrow the heating plants will have fuel for the heating of Skopje residents, announced "Telma".

Due to the fact that heating plants do not have filters, and gas is available on the market, the Ministry of the Environment has recently prohibited ESM from using fuel oil or diesel as fuel.

"East and West have an integrated permit, which means that it was issued by the Environment and they have a permit to heat with gas. If we are talking about the health of the citizens, yes, there is gas and that's what I hear, there is," said Minister of Environment Nasser Nuredini.

After the heating season began, ESM, which took on the obligation to heat Skopje households that have heating, bought gas for short periods of two weeks. The authorities assured that this method of procurement is currently better, given the rapid and large changes in the price of gas on the market.

The residents of the Skopje settlements of Chair, Topansko Pole and Butel, which are on the heating network, have been without heating for several days because the heating plant "Skopje Sever" has no money for the purchase of gas, and the Environmental Inspectorate of the City of Skopje forbade her to use fuel oil.

Meanwhile, ESM is trying to buy electricity for the first four days of December, writes "Thelma". For now, there is no answer to the questions for whom these purchases are made and how the process takes place, because the names of the same companies are constantly found in the purchases.

On the stock markets, electricity prices are rising again – a megawatt-hour costs from 370 to 470 euros.

With such prices, the question arises as to whether it is still more profitable to buy electricity, instead of making an attempt to turn on the Negotino TPP, which is still off the grid due to a malfunction, and claims are that next month this plant will be back on function.

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