The municipalities of Skopje will provide financial aid to the population in Turkey and Syria, the amounts will be determined at extraordinary sessions

Photo: Firat Ozdemir / AFP / Profimedia

The municipalities of Skopje will make decisions on providing financial aid to the population affected by the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey and Syria at extraordinary sessions that will be held this week. The community of local self-government units appealed to the mayors of all the municipalities in the country, each within their capabilities to allocate funds to help the people in these two countries.

Mayor Danela Arsovska informs that she has sent a request to the Council of the City of Skopje at the next session for the councilors to decide on humanitarian aid for the victims of the earthquake. The advisory group of VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition announced that they will initiate an initiative to convene an extraordinary session to grant one-time aid to Turkey and Syria. However, there is no information when exactly this session will be held.

Airport municipality will hold an extraordinary session tomorrow, and Centar municipality on Thursday. From Gazi Baba and Gjorche Petrov announced that this will happen during this week.

The mayor of Kisela Voda Municipality, Orce Gjorgjievski, submitted an initiative to the Council for providing financial assistance of 500.000 denars for the population of the destroyed areas.

On several occasions in the past, the Republic of Macedonia has suffered human losses and huge material damages from natural disasters, and that is why we are aware and sincerely sympathize with the tragedy that these citizens are currently going through. In such moments, we should all remember that we cannot fight natural disasters with a tragic epilogue, but we can help these people with humanity and solidarity, who in a moment lost perhaps everything they had - said Gjorgjievski.

He informed that the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Macedonia was offered support of another kind, and as he said, they will be additionally informed about the specific needs of the families affected by the devastating earthquake.

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