Skopjanka took out quick loans on behalf of the employees, the police filed a criminal complaint against her

Fast loans - cash on hand / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

The police filed a criminal complaint against a forty-five-year-old woman from Skopje for defrauding three people.

The fraudster opened two companies in Struga, and concluded work contracts with the victims, in whose name she then took out quick loans and used the money for her own needs.

As informed by SVR Ohrid, the woman is charged with several crimes, such as "fraud", "misuse of personal data" and "damage and unauthorized access to a computer system".

SVR Struga has already filed a criminal complaint against R.S. (45) from Skopje.

- During the year 2023, using a false identity, she opened two companies in Struga and concluded an employment contract with three people, after which, with the intention of obtaining an illegal property benefit, misleading the injured parties, she used their data and carried out on their behalf electronic application for fast loans.

She then transferred the approved money to another transaction account and used it for her own needs. In that way, the reported person acquired an unlawful property benefit of 319.706 denars, informs the spokesperson Stefan Dimoski.

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