Skopje residents are joking: The workers did an eye examination, they are straightening the crooked row of trees on Metropolitan Teodosij Gologanov Boulevard

Photo: Dragan Mitreski

The workers from the "Bauer" company, which is carrying out the reconstruction of Metropolitan Teodosij Gologanov boulevard, are today trying to correct the work they did wrong. After "Sloboden Pechat" announced last week that after six months of reconstruction, the citizens got asphalted sidewalks and crooked curbs around the trees, they are trying with all their might to straighten the tree line.

The people of Skopje are already joking on social networks that the workers have done an eye examination in the meantime, but unfortunately the work is not a joke, especially since in the last year more mistakes have been made during the reconstruction of the streets around Skopje by different construction companies.

Photo: Dragan Mitreski

The reconstruction of the boulevard has already been going on for half a year, thus exceeding the five-month deadline announced by the mayor Danela Arsovska when the construction work began, and this weekend it was completely closed to traffic for several hours. On this thoroughfare, atmospheric sewerage was installed for the first time, the old and dilapidated water supply network was replaced, which took more time to complete. With the reconstruction, as promised, new pedestrian and bicycle paths should be constructed, as well as additional bicycle lanes on the roadway.

The traffic chaos in the city center has been going on for so long because of the construction works. The congestion increased even more after the reconstruction of Leninova Street, which is being renovated at the intersection with this boulevard to Partizanska, began.


After six months of reconstruction of "Metropolitan Teodosij Gologanov", the citizens got asphalted sidewalks and crooked curbs around the trees

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