Skopje residents may be left without heating due to a lack of gas in the heating plants, air pollution for the time being in the background for the authorities?

Heating BEG heating / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

The President of the House of Representatives and Member of Parliament, Maja Moracanin, in the interest of the citizens' health, requests that the heating plants in Skopje continue to operate on gas. Moracanin, who received a second mandate as president of this party on Sunday, said in an interview with MIA that they will insist on respecting their position and request that the work of the heating plants continue on gas and not switch to diesel or fuel oil, which really pollute a lot. , because it will greatly affect the air pollution in Skopje.

- The situation is difficult and that is why I say these are the issues that are of interest to the citizens. I spoke about it not only in the coalition, but also at the leadership meeting organized by Prime Minister Kovacevski with all the presidents of the political parties in the Parliament and I highlighted this issue, i.e. the request that regardless of the price of gas, because the situation is that here gas can to be supplied only at that price on the stock exchanges and what is more profitable, our position as DOM and our request was to continue the work of the heating plants in Skopje on gas, not to switch to diesel or fuel oil which really pollute a lot and this is definitely reflected a lot of air pollution in Skopje, said Moracanin.

That is, says Moracanin, the attitude that we have imposed and we will insist that it be respected regardless of the price.

- Even if heating with gas is more expensive, it is in the interest of the citizens' health that the heating plants continue to operate on gas, said Morachanin.

She emphasizes that working with gas will be more profitable than having the citizens receive treatment, pointing out that that aspect should also be looked at.

- And regarding the price, I said, let it be more expensive, but let's protect the citizens. And it is not only for the City of Skopje, because many people gravitate to the City of Skopje every day for the sake of education, for the sake of work, etc. So that a large number of our citizens from Macedonia are susceptible to air pollution in Skopje, said the president of the House of Representatives.

On this topic, Moracanin also spoke with the Minister of the Environment and her expectations are that the heating plants will continue to operate on gas.

- The Minister of the Environment also insists on this, and I think the Government will act in that direction, so I expect the heating plants to continue working on gas. No one can predict with the war in Ukraine and how those situations will develop if there is no gas supply at all, but I do not expect that to happen after all the announcements we receive, which we hear that there will still be gas supply, said Morachanin .

On the other hand, despite these commitments and requests of the president of the House of Representatives Moračanin to the competent heating plants in the capital to work only on natural gas, today the Sever heating plant stopped working, until the East and West heating plants informed that they have gas for another day due to that ESM has not yet announced a tender for the supply of liquid fuel.

ESM says that there will not be any problems with heating, although there is gas in the East and West heating plants for only one day.

From the beginning of the heating season, ESM undertook the obligation to supply the East and West heating plants with gas this winter, and it does so for short periods of two weeks each. The authorities assure that this method of procurement is currently better, given the rapid and large changes in the price of gas on the market.

ESM announced on November 12 that it has purchased gas to cover heat production until the end of the month and that it will continue to make purchases for shorter periods of time to take advantage of the drop in energy prices. Since then, there is no information about a new purchase.

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