Scandalous: The medical chamber demands 500 euros from the patient who lost her breasts, to give her the surveillance report

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The patient who lost her breasts due to a wrong cancer diagnosis he cannot get the report from the expert supervision at the Medical Chamber if he does not pay 500 euros. That is the answer that her lawyer received yesterday in the premises of the Medical Chamber, although the report is ready, and it was requested in 2019. The prosecutor's office has the report, but not the Ministry of Health the patient who underwent a double masectomy and which for 5 years is waiting for the outcome of the procedure which is still in the stage of pre-investigation procedure.

- The reasoning they gave me is that the supervision at the patient's request must be paid and that the amount is 30.000 denars, lawyer Pavlinka Gicheva Petkova told "Sloboden Pechat".

The Ministry of Health says that according to the Law on Health Care, the Ministry of Health can instruct the Medical Chamber to perform professional supervision.

"The costs for the professional supervision that are requested by the Ministry of Health are covered by the Medical Chamber itself. For other cases, you can request information from the Medical Chamber", the Ministry of Health announced.

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