Croatia scandal: Nurse records people being vaccinated and takes bribes

Vaccine / Photo: EPA

Zagreb police have completed a criminal investigation into ten people suspected of forging documents, including a 31-year-old nurse who allegedly included people who bribed her on the vaccination list. On that basis, they issued certificates for Kovid, writes

A 31-year-old nurse has been arrested. The police state that she is employed in a medical institution in Zagreb, which was in charge of entering data for vaccination of persons in the system, but they do not state which institution it is.

The arrested nurse used her powers in October and entered incorrect data into the system that the 28-year-old and the 65-year-old were vaccinated with a single dose of vaccine in early August 2021, although she knew and was aware of the fact that they were not vaccinated. inform from the police administration in Zagreb.

The 28-year-old sent money to a 31-year-old medical worker in November to obtain a valid certificate of coidus. The money was sent through a 30-year-old man who connected her with a person who can make a valid certificate.

With the help of the 32-year-old suspects and the two 23-year-olds, the data and money were handed over to the 22-year-old, who then handed it over to the 31-year-old suspected employee of a medical facility in Zagreb for entering data into the information system.

One week later, the 30-year-old suspect picked up a certificate for Covid for the 28-year-old woman at a pharmacy in the Velika Gorica area and emailed her. After that, she used the covidium certificate four times while crossing the state border.

Also, There is a suspicion that the 65-year-old handed over personal data and money to a 58-year-old employee of his company, because she learned from him that she knew a person who could make a certificate for her.

With the help of the suspects, personal data and money were again handed over to the suspect, a 31-year-old employee of a health institution from Zagreb, who, as in the previous case, used authorization and entered incorrect data for vaccination of 65-year-olds.

A few days later, when the certificate for Covid was ready, the 39-year-old suspect picked up the certificate at the pharmacy in Srednjaci, which was handed over to the 65-year-old so that he could use it when entering the state financial institution.

Following the completion of the criminal investigation, the police officers handed over the 31-year-old and the 22-year-old to the prison warden and filed criminal charges with the Municipal State Bar Association in Zagreb, and will file criminal charges against the other suspects on a regular basis.

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