Scandal shakes Croatia: Mass arrests due to fake covid-certificates, Tony Cetinski is also on the list

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In the latest action of USKOK 12 people were arrested on Wednesday morning, led by the former nurse from Home of Health Zagreb - West, Petra Rumiha (32), but as the Croatian media found out, the number of those reported by the police who received false covid-certificates with the help of Rumiha and other intermediaries is much higher, and among them is the Croatian singer Toni Cetinski, writes "Jutarnji list".


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After the outbreak of the covid pandemic, Tony Cetinski expressed his anti-vaxxer views on several occasions. At the beginning of the outbreak of the pandemic, and especially with the introduction of the quarantine and the regime for issuing covid-certificates, Cetinski positioned himself as one of the most prominent public figures who disputed these measures.

"Whoever wants to get vaccinated, I have nothing against it." I don't give. I just don't let anyone vaccinate me. Open it Goli Otok for those of us who don't want a vaccine, then bring us in handcuffs, lock us up, lock us up, wait for us to fall asleep or put us to sleep then vaccinate us by force. There's no way!", is just one of Cetinski's public announcements in which he vehemently opposed vaccination.

He was even more bitter about the covid-confirmations, so in December 2021 he canceled the Advent concert in Zadar when he found out that covid certificates are a requirement for the audience to enter the concert.

"My collaborators (15 families) who are always part of the drive and our action at all concerts, my audience and my littleness would be very happy to play and sing like countless times in previous years in Zadar, we want to come and have fun in that beautiful city, but I repeat, "COVID CONFIRMATION AT OUR CONCERTS IS NOT IN ACCORDANCE WITH OUR LIFE BELIEFS AND WE DON'T WANT TO BE BOUGHT TO PROMOTE, LET GO OF SUPPORT THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE ALREADY MENTIONED CONFIRMATIONS", Cetinski announced on social networks at the time .

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