All those who keep a caraman are winners, says Ilija Karov after the held State Championship

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On May 19, 2024, another history was written on the Mechkin stone, the 11th State Championship for the Macedonian Shepherd Dog-Karaman was held. Despite the fact that the championship has a competitive nature, in the end everyone leaves as winners, he says about "Free Press " Ilija Iko Karov, president of KKMOKK.

- I never talk about winners separately because all the Macedonians who were nationally aware and virtuous enough to contribute to this cause and already have a caraman at home, without exception, they are all already winners and big ones at that! Our club makes the greatest efforts for the integral preservation of our historical, cultural and canine heritage of Macedonia. However, for us the exhibitions are of particular importance because based on the judges' evaluation of the Karamans contained in the evaluation lists, we have a clearer insight into the phenotype landscape of the breed. Which would imply that we largely use the descriptions from the experienced eyes of the canine judges as a direction in the breeding strategy. This year prof. dr. Panche Dameski, cynological judge for all breeds as well as a refined connoisseur of our native breeds evaluated the Karamans, and the delegate was Mr. Darko Gegovski, both from Prilep-rece Karov.


Aria from Karamanka is the national champion of Macedonia in the women's competition. Nikola Krbaleski, the vice president of the club, in charge of the Pelagonian region, has been taking care of her since she was a baby. He is a participant in the quests for karamani.


photo: Private archive/Free Press

 - At the first tattoo evening held in 2016 in Bitola, the main prize was a Karaman breed dog. And he came to me, coupon number 115 😊. And his name is Bingo, after the way he got to me. Honestly, I knew almost nothing about this breed, but I was very happy, and I started to search and read more about the breed. The love for Karaman brought me additional pleasure but also obligations. The next step was the purchase of a female, with the aim of breeding caramani. The female was given to me by Ilia Iko Karov. We named her Bonnie. Champion Aria is the daughter of Bingo and Bonnie. Born in 2021, my bed or should I say ours, why we "Karamanji" are a family - said Krbaleski.

From 2017 to the present day, he has not missed a single state championship, and there are over 30 individuals from his beds throughout Macedonia that are part of the exhibitions.

- Aria is the mother of 10 dogs that adorn Macedonia, and is currently the state champion in the women's category. Finally, I can say that I have kept dogs before, but I have never been a lover like I am now. Karamani are dogs in whose eyes you literally see a long history, deep, sad, but still full of hope with the future, combativeness and courage, in fact you see Macedonia - adds Nikola.

photo: Private archive/Free Press

For Kristina Cintsovska from Radovish, this was the first experience to present her karamanis at the State Championship.

- We have been keeping the Karamani since 2020. A few years ago I saw a program on television, where Ilija Karov talked about the characteristics of this breed, and then I was amazed at how beautiful and tame they are, but above all important for us, for Macedonia. I was fascinated by their history and antiquity, so I suggested to my husband that we take a caraman. We were thinking about dogs, this was a hit! At the championship, we presented three dogs: seven-year-old Burdush, one-year-old Black, and six-month-old Kara. We are happy for the second place won, but we are most happy that we were part of this show and that we saw that there are caramans, caramans and small caramans all over the country - Cintsovska said.

Vlatko Simonovski also participated with his Atom.

- It's not the first time, actually since 2016 when he was 3 months old, so to this day we don't miss a show for Macedonian Shepherd Dog Karaman. I took Atom and 3 other caramons when they were 5 days old from the village. Mustafino from the Shteriovski cattle breeding family, who were engaged in raising sheep, I gave the puppies to my friends Ilija Iko Karov and Antonio Ivanovski. After some time I went to visit and wanted to see the puppies. Then a small and sweet black Pearl started to pull my legs - I tried several times to pull him away but it was all unsuccessful. Iko and Antonio told me that it is the dog that chooses its owner. I have had Atom for 8 years, with him we have participated 8 times in the state championship of the Macedonian Shepherd Dog - Karaman, we have attended many competitions and exhibitions - says Simonovski.

photo: Private archive/Free Press

Karov says that they tirelessly continue with the only one mission – Preservation of the IOC The caraman in his first editionpreservation on the mountain in the dog и when it lives on asphalt и their vision- Recognition by the World Councilinological federation.

photo: Private archive/Free Press


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