All MPs from the majority will support the constitutional amendments, SDSM is confident

SDSM / Photo: MIA

"Counting MPs is a very weak point for Hristijan Mickoski. He has shown that several times so far," said the ruling Social Democratic Union, after accusations of disagreements and tensions among the ruling majority regarding the issue of constitutional amendments.

According to the SDSM, these are "desperate attempts" by Mickoski, to whom "wrong math and stamping new inventions will return like a boomerang very quickly".

"The whole public knows that in VMRO-DPMNE there are MPs who support the European path of the state, who do not agree with Mickoski's anti-European attitude and are ready to support all steps. For these deputies from VMRO-DPMNE, Mickoski's career is not more important than the European future of Macedonian citizens. On the contrary. "Isolated and completely hostage to the Left, Mickoski is awaiting new defeats," said SDSM.

The party spokesman, Darko Kaevski, says that Mickoski is under pressure from the deputies of VMRO DPMNE who are in favor of constitutional changes.

"I believe that when the process enters the Parliament, you will be assured that all MPs from the ruling majority, including a large number of MPs and from the opposition, will be FOR with arguments and views on the constitutional amendments, as I said before because they are important for the European progress of the state, we are important because we promised the citizens that the EU is our decade-long aspiration and we, as politicians of this generation, are obliged to make it happen", says Kaevski.

SDSM once again called "all progressive groups and MPs from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE" to join the process for constitutional amendments, "the necessary reforms to be adopted and the state to continue on the European path".

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