All questions closed, waiting for Alternative's answer

Arben Taravari / Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

All questions closed, waiting for Alternative's answer

The package of personnel solutions for the entry of the Alliance for the Albanians (AA) into the Government has for the most part been agreed between Dimitar Kovacevski and the president of the opposition party Arben Taravari, but will the agreement be acceptable to the president of Alternativa Afrim Gashi so that he stays or leaves it? left "Ilindenska", it is expected to be known at the latest today, after the meeting between the government partners. The final allocation of resources for AA as a new government partner will also depend on Gashi's decision.

The president of the opposition party, Arben Taravari, confirmed that the negotiations for AA's entry into "Ilindenska" are nearing the end and that most of the issues are closed.

- I hope that today or tomorrow we will finally finish the preparations for the eventual entry into the Government and we will officially announce it - said Taravari

He added that the distribution of official posts and ministerial portfolios is still being discussed and that it would not be correct to talk about it at the moment because the inter-party consultations of the government coalition partners are still ongoing.

- Everything will be clearer by tomorrow, but we will wait for the ongoing consultations between the working groups of the government majority parties - said Taravari.

A high-ranking AA official told "Sloboden Pechat" that the ministries of health and justice have already been agreed upon and that the justice department will definitely be headed by general secretary Krenar Loga, and several doctors are in the running for "health", including infectious disease expert Fadil Tsana. For the third ministry that AA should get, there are several combinations and it will depend on whether Alternative stays in the Government. At stake is ecology, which is managed by DUI, but if Alternativa leaves the Government, then AA gets the department of information society and administration. It is possible that Kovacevski will offer a creative solution, that is, instead of a ministerial position, AA will get a vice prime minister's position, and that for foreign investments from the diaspora, and the ministry for the diaspora will be abolished.

AA gets two deputy minister positions, for defense and for agriculture. From the directorships, AA will probably get MEPSO and PIOM, MŽ-Transport, which are now under the umbrella of Alternativa. From the inspectorates, AA will manage the Educational Inspectorate, and he also gets a deputy director in the Internal Revenue Service and a management position in Customs. It is striking that most of the personnel solutions for AA are from the "cake" of Alternative.

According to sources from SDSM, Alternativa cannot expect to keep the positions it had when it entered the Government, because it was left without one MP, and AA enters the government with eight MPs. The authorities comment that Alternativa will have one ministry, but also the current vice-president of the Assembly. Alternativa says that after they see the agreement between Kovacevski and Taravari and after they see the offer for them, they will decide whether they will stay in the Government. Unofficially they say that the tendency is to stay at "Ilindenska", but not at any cost.

- Whether the same persons will hold the same positions in the future depends on the president. For us, the signed agreement from December 2021 for entering the Government is crucial. We are not the ones who do not respect the implementation of that agreement - said the spokesperson of Alternativa and director of MEPSO Orhan Murtezani for "Thelma".

It is possible that next week the reconstruction of the Government will be in the parliamentary session.

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