All 120 MPs will vote for Bulgarians to enter the Constitution, the Deputy Minister of Justice is confident

Viktorija Madi.
Viktorija Madi / / Photo: Screenshot, Facebook

Reforms are a priority for the EU, but the path to the EU will open only with the constitutional amendments, said the Deputy Minister of Justice Viktorija Avramovska Madic in Thelma's visit. She said that there is no more room for calculations and the working group for constitutional amendments should be formed immediately.

The government makes state decisions, and the accepted French proposal is translated into the negotiation framework, which cannot be changed. I believe that reason will exist among all 120 MPs. I believe that they will dare when the draft amendments come to the legislature, Avramovska Madic said.

The working group for amendments to the Constitution should be formed by the end of next week. The priority of this working group will be the inclusion of Bulgarians and other communities in the Constitution, but there is also room for debate on the issues that constantly arise whenever there are announcements to amend the Constitution, Deputy Minister of Justice Victoria Avramovska said tonight in Top Tema - Madic.

She said that discussions are already underway with eminent constitutional law professors in consultation and coordination with the Ministry of Justice, the Government and the President of the State.

These are well-known experts who in this country have already contributed to amending the Constitution, have already participated in such working groups and who know best what is best for Macedonia now. At the moment, the only focus and goal of this working group will be the Preamble and the inclusion of Bulgarians and other communities, said Avramovska-Mandic, aware that every time the Constitution is opened, "other specific topics" also begin to be opened. She urged the citizens to have faith in this process.

A state decision is currently being made. No harm will be done by bringing in not only Bulgarians, Montenegrins, Croats and other communities. I must mention that when we approach constitutional amendments we do comparative analyses. Here is the Constitution of Croatia and the Macedonians are included in it. Is Croatia harmed by including the Macedonians in the Constitution, Avramovska-Madić asked.

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