The system of the Health Fund does not work, in pharmacies only private prescriptions

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The short notice on the FZORSM website is that their electronic services are experiencing technical problems and will be removed soon.

The system of the Health Fund in the whole country is not working since yesterday, it is not possible to check the health insurance and prescriptions can only be bought privately. Citizens who contacted the editorial office of "Sloboden Pechat" responded that it is unacceptable to have no information, because it is an essential institution. On the website of FZORSM there is a short notice that the electronic services are facing technical problems.

Dear Sirs, at the moment the electronic services of the Health Insurance Fund are facing technical problems and we are working to have them in operation as soon as possible - it is stated in the short announcement on the website of FZORSM.

Apart from this sentence, there is no further explanation of what the technical problem is, and several citizens say that they were told that the system will be out of order for the next two days, and even that it will not work until Monday? Unofficially, it is not a hacker attack, but that a change is being made to the servers, which are older than ten years.

Regardless of the type of problem, the biggest problem is that these days family doctors cannot issue prescriptions, citizens will have to buy medicines privately, and then wait for their money to be refunded.

- I have been trying to apply for health insurance for two days now, but the system is not working. They told me to come on Monday - says a recent retiree for "Sloboden Pechat".

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