Strong explosions near the Russian military base in Crimea

Crimean parliament photo MIA

The so-called Russian ambassador to the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Luhansk, Rodion Miroshnik, posted on Telegram two videos showing explosions near the village of Novofedorivka.

It is not yet known if there are any casualties.

According to eyewitnesses, several strong explosions were heard from the direction of the Russian military base in Novofedorivka, located in the western part of the annexed Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.

According to them, at least 12 explosions of varying intensity were heard.

The village of Novofedorivka is about 200 kilometers from the battlefield. This means that, if the explosions are the result of an attack by Ukrainian forces, which have equipped themselves with weapons with a significantly greater range than before.

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