Sijarto is optimistic: During our presidency, there will be the largest enlargement of the EU

Peter Sijarto / Photo EPA-EFE/FEHIM DEMIR

During the Hungarian presidency, the "biggest expansion of the European Union so far" will take place, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Sijarto.

He added that during the accession negotiations, the focus will be on the "current situation" of the candidates, and not on "giving in to political pressures", MTI reported.

"We will not allow the accession negotiations of some countries to be artificially tied to other countries. "We will not allow the accession process of any country that is closer to entry to depend on a country that is lagging behind (in reforms)," Szijjártó said in Brussels.

He added that during the EU presidency, Hungary will help Serbia open new accession chapters and close more chapters, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Moldova start important negotiations.

"The EU should have new members who can bring freshness, new momentum, such as the countries of the Western Balkans, Georgia or Moldova," said Szijjarto.

Hungary will preside over the EU in the second half of this year.

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