A seat belt saves a life

The use of a seat belt is intended exclusively for the personal safety and protection of the driver, i.e. the passenger, in the event of a sudden stop of the vehicle or a traffic accident.

​According to the Road Traffic Safety Act, a seat belt is an assembly of belts with a safety button, adjustment device and connectors that can be fastened in a motor vehicle and is designed to reduce the risk of injury to the person wearing it. in case of collision or sudden deceleration, by limiting the mobility of the body of the person wearing it.

​The driver of a motor vehicle in which safety belts are installed and the persons
who are transported with that vehicle, are obliged to be fastened with those belts in a manner determined by the vehicle manufacturer, while the vehicle is moving in road traffic.

The benefits of using a seat belt are:
• provides protection in the event of a sudden stop of the vehicle or in case of a traffic accident,
• reduces the likelihood of death or serious injury in a traffic accident,
• prevents passengers from being ejected from the vehicle in the event of a traffic accident or the vehicle overturning,
• the combined action of the seat belt and the airbag increases passenger safety.

RSBSP appeals: For the sake of personal safety and the safety of the passengers in the vehicle, always use a seat belt during every trip. A seat belt saves a life. Let's contribute to greater traffic safety!

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