Swedes with divided opinions about their country's membership in NATO

Stockholm. Sweden / Photo: Free Press Archive

People in Stockholm mixed reactions after Hungary's decision to take the final step before ratifying Sweden's membership of the NATO alliance, ending more than 18 months of delays that have frustrated the alliance on its way to expand in response to Russia's war in Ukraine .

Some were satisfied, others wary of the membership, some say they are not sure if they want to see their country as a part of the defense alliance, fearing the effect of such a decision because until now the country has pursued a policy of neutrality.

For others, the news that there are no more obstacles on the way to membership is good news because, as they point out, they feel the threat "knocking at their door" from the east.

Sweden has stayed out of military alliances for more than 200 years and has long rejected the possibility of seeking NATO membership. But the pressure created by the Russian invasion of Ukraine has made the country think about how to defend its border against a possible expansion of the war.

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