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Schwarzenegger revealed the dizzying amount he received for one word in "Terminator"!

There is no doubt that Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger earned a large fee for his legendary role in "Terminator", but the way the figure was deposited in his bank account is unusual.

It has been revealed how much Schwarzenegger was paid for the role in "Terminator". He received a whopping $ 21.429 per word in the movie "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", writes "Lad Bible".

He starred in that film in 1991 and uttered 700 words, which means he made $ 15 million with that role, writes "Lad Bible".

Seven years earlier, he earned $ 750.000 in the first installment of Terminator. At that time, his character had less text in the script.

The first two parts of the franchise were directed by James Cameron, who later left the project due to copyright issues with these films about the war between humans and machines.

He returned to direct the sixth part of the franchise, and the story continued into the first and second parts of the film, skipping as many as three films presented by other directors.

Cameron then explained that the action of the sixth part would not logically continue on "Rise of the Machines" from 2003, "Salvation" from 2009 and "Genisys" from 2015, because those films are like a "bad dream".



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