Schwarzenegger brutally abused in childhood: My father was a Nazi, he did horrible things to me and my brother

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The famous actor Arnold Schwarzeneggerr in the new documentary "Arnold", spoke openly about the abuse he suffered as a child from his father, reports Insider.

In the documentary of Netflix, the actor talks about his life as an athlete, actor and politician. In the first episode, he recalls a difficult childhood spent in the village of Thal, Austria, which he spent with his brother Maynard.

Schwarzenegger's father, Gustav, was a decorated Nazi soldier who participated in the Siege of Leningrad. As the actor claims, Gustav directed all the frustrations and stress experienced after the Second World War towards him and his brother. After the war, he continued to work as the local police chief.

Describing his father as a tyrant and a very strict police officer, Schwarzenegger recounts the days when he and Maynard had to "earn" breakfast and were constantly competing with each other.

"There was a kind of schizophrenic behavior in my father, which my brother and I witnessed. "He used to be a kind father, but he often came home drunk and yelled," says the actor.

The actor went on to explain how his drunken father repeatedly slapped them and beat them with a belt. And the family was in fear and under pressure every day because of Gustav's aggressive behavior. The mother failed to protect her children from the brutal attacks, so she mostly focused on obsessively cleaning the home.

The physical and mental abuse for Schwarzenegger was a reason to leave Austria, so in 1968, at only 21 years old, he moved to America.

The life of his brother Maynard, unfortunately ends tragically. Driving drunk, he loses his life in a traffic accident. For this unfortunate event and the difficult life of his brother, Schwarzenegger blames his father and .

"The brutality that was going on at home, the beatings and the abuse, I don't think he could stand it. He was by nature a much gentler person," says the actor.

By the way, the father of the Schwarzenegger brothers died of a stroke in 1972, and their mother lived until 1998.

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