Swiss weapons ended up in Ukraine, authorities are investigating how

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The Swiss authorities are conducting an investigation following information that the armored personnel carriers "Eagle I" ended up in the Ukrainian armed forces, Fabian Machenfisch, spokesman for the Swiss State Secretariat for Economy (SECO), told the RIA news agency.

"Switzerland continues to clarify the facts and is currently in contact with Germany in this context. It is not known how long this clarification will last," Mayenfleisch said.

The spokesman clarified that in the 1990s Denmark was handed over 36 "Eagle I" armored personnel carriers, and in 2012 this country requested the re-export of 27 vehicles to a private company. transfer the equipment to anyone without Swiss express consent. He also emphasized that only the chassis number will allow to clearly trace the origin of the vehicle, but that the secretariat does not have that information.

The case is under review after Swiss media recently published photos of two Swiss-made Eagle I armored personnel carriers used by Ukrainian soldiers on the Donbas battlefield.

Earlier, Switzerland, invoking the principle of its military neutrality, although it joined the Western sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, rejected the demands of Germany, Spain and Denmark and for the re-export to Kiev of ammunition produced in the facilities of the Swiss dedicated industry. As a Bern official clarified, the Swiss side has the right under the agreements and regulations to refuse a request for re-export if the country of final destination of the supplies is involved in an international armed conflict.

At the beginning of March, German military giant Rheinmetall asked Switzerland to buy 96 Leopard 2 tanks with a promise not to deliver them to Ukraine.

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