Switzerland - Italy is the first round of 16 pair of the European Championship


With Zakanji's goal in the last moments of the match, the Italian national football team qualified for the round of 16 from second place in Group B of the European Championship

With this result, we got the first round of 29 pair of the European Championship, Switzerland against Italy, who will meet on June XNUMX in Berlin.

As for Spain, which continued as the first, the "red fury" is still waiting for its rival, which will be the third-placed national team. In the upper part of the draw, apart from Spain, there are also Germany and Portugal, it is already known, but they are still waiting for their opponents.

Of course, it is known that the third-placed team from group C will play with the Germans, and the Portuguese will also play against the third-placed national team.

To recall, it is also known that the Germans and the Spaniards could already meet in the quarter-finals if they pass the next round.

In the lower part of the draw, where Switzerland and Italy are, not a single pair is known and we have to wait for the results in groups C, D, E and F.

Of course, we will get a more complete picture and new eighth-final pairings on Tuesday when France - Poland and the Netherlands - Austria or Denmark - Serbia and England - Slovenia meet from 18.00:21.00 at XNUMX:XNUMX.

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