VIDEO | "What's wrong with you?!" Everything will be fine": Vesna Zmijanac left the hospital with three bypasses

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The singer Vesna Zmijanac two weeks ago, she had a heart surgery, and now, for the first time after the difficult operation, she was photographed on the street. Vesna was operated on at the Clinical Center of Serbia, and her daughter Nikolija and son-in-law Relja visited her regularly.

The singer was implanted with three "bypasses", and according to the doctor, the whole process was not "naive" at all. Vesna once again showed how "eager for life" she is and that she is stronger than any obstacle in life.

Two weeks after the intervention, she was released from the hospital, and now she has to rest at home until she fully recovers.

Sources say that Vesna consoled the doctors instead of them.

"What's wrong with you?!" Everything will be fine. You won't be able to get rid of me so easily, because there are still many challenges waiting for me in life!" - she told them.

Vesna's daughter, Nikolia, announced that her mother is currently in a stable situation and that her life is not in any danger.

"My mother's operation was successful. Thanks to all the friends and relatives who took care of the whole situation. I am asking the journalists for peace, because I need it as much as my mother. Although Vesna is a public figure, she is still my mother. It is my duty to be by her side. I promise you that she will return to the stage faster than you expect, because music is her greatest love" - ​​said Nikolia.

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