What he does today: Nikola Andonovski, international model

Photo: Private archive / Filip Pashoski

Nikola Andonovski as a very young man, at the age of 16, he enters the fashion world and immediately steps on the catwalks wearing the fashion shows of fashion designers who present their collections at the Fashion Weekend Skopje. During that period, the fashion agency from Belgrade - "Fox Models" in cooperation with its parent agency "Models Inn" sent him on a two-month contract in New Delhi, India. The striking Andonovski works there for the biggest fashion brands such as "Tommy Hilfiger", "Calvin Klein", "Adidas", "Nike" and makes his sure step in the world fashion.

Nikola Andonovski Photo: Private archive
Photo: Private archive

Andonovski is currently in Macedonia, but given his lavish talent and classic beauty, nothing will stop him from conquering the fashion centers again.

Nikola, in addition to beauty, is adorned with performance, responsibility and dynamism, readiness to always respond to tasks, which is why he deserves his place in the world modeling.

The handsome model captured what his day and night looks like.

Photo: Private archive

"Every morning I get up at 8 o'clock and the first thing I do is make Turkish coffee. Immediately after drinking coffee I prepare for the upcoming working day.

I have that privilege to deal with electrical engineering, so most of the time my work day is spent in the field. Because I am interested in work and it is a great pleasure for me, I often spend my time learning things related to the smart things of electronics.

At the end of the working day, I head to the fitness center where I focus for an hour on my exercises. After training, I prepare a protein shake to replace a healthy meal.

My parent agency (Models Inn) suggests that we be constantly in good shape, because it often happens that we have an engagement where we are required to be fit.

In addition to body care, I also take care of my face, so to my satisfaction today I have scheduled hair and face care treatments.

As for the nights, usually in the evening I like to see my friends and close people at a dinner that I usually like to be risotto, grilled vegetables and chicken steak.
Before going to bed, I enjoy watching my favorite series, and right now I're watching the "Arrow" series.

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