What he does today: Muhammad Enuz, model

Photo: Kunika Studio / Bojan Stoilkovski / Ani and Dimi

No one can remain indifferent when it comes to the striking and unusual look and style of the model Muhammad Enuz or as all his close friends know him as Matthew.

How did Muhammad enter the world of fashion? After a chance meeting with a representative of the agency "Models IN Management", Muhamed resolutely enters the fashion world. In the first two weeks, he shot the first commercial for the mobile operator Vodafone in Tirana, Albania. And now, four years later, he has an official contract with the German fashion agency "East West Models". The latest project is the latest campaign for the brand "Bitsiani", where he is the face of the spring-summer collections.

Infinitely charismatic, energetic and professional, Muhammad is a role model.

Photo: Kunika Studio

What does a day's look like for Muhammad?

"I usually wake up at 8 or 9 o'clock every morning and start with a routine face care, which includes applying a daily moisturizer, after which I sit down for breakfast. My breakfast is rich in carbohydrates and proteins that I need to make ends meet, and I usually like eggs in combination with various vegetables. There is one interesting thing - when I have breakfast I like to listen to "audioble" books.

Then I go to work and use the break to enjoy a big macchiato. When I finish work, I definitely go to the gym, and before that I take creatine, which I need for muscle mass, and I do all the exercises that help me stay in good shape.

Photo: Vladimir Georgiev

Before lunch, I usually make a protein shake half an hour before a meal. My lunch usually consists of chicken and rice.

After lunch, I usually go to dance classes and usually go to a party with my fellow dancers where we enjoy showing off our new steps.

Photo: Ani and Dimi

By the way, I am a big fan of rock music and rock concerts, so whenever there is a party, I am there with my closest friends.

In the evening, I practice my face care routine again with applying cream, and immediately after that I get involved in social networks where I follow everything that happens with the UFC fights. I watch interviews with my favorite fighters and I watch when there are fights to gather the company to watch together.

"Before I go to bed, I review my schedule for tomorrow and then I can finally fall asleep."

Photo: Bojan Stoilkovski
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