What is she doing today: Martina Davidovska, model

Photo: Ani and Dimi/ Marko Markoski

Martina Davidovska started her career as a model five years ago, when she was first noticed by our fashion agency "Models in Management." After a week, Martina was already hired to shoot an editorial for our famous brand. Since then, her engagements have been numerous and have launched her into the top of fashion.

Martina with her gorgeous beauty and sky blue eyes immediately won the bookers from the Serbian fashion agency Fox Models, where they decided to place it in the very center of fashion developments - Milan.

One of Davidovska's most notable successes was the cover of a prestigious Italian fashion magazine "La Mia Boutique" (La Mia Boutique). While, on the other hand, in our country she collaborated with almost all fashion designers and brands, and graced cover pages as well.

Photo: Private archive of 2 Models

By the way, Martina is a graduate criminologist, certified nutritionist and fitness trainer. What sets her apart from other models is her enormous charisma, responsibility and commitment, as well as her breathtaking Nordic beauty.

Martina captured for us what her day and night looks like.

– Every day I wake up at the same time, around 8 in the morning, and my day starts with reviews about new fitness and nutrition techniques on YouTube where I find a lot of interesting posts as well as motivation. The first thing I want to put in my body after I wake up is an apple and green tea. Right after that comes my breakfast, which usually consists of oatmeal that I combine with low-fat yogurt. Half an hour before my workout I like to drink Turkish coffee without any sweeteners. At 11 o'clock I leave for training where I usually exercise a certain group of muscles, depending on the day.

Photo: Private archive of 2 Models

Regularly my workout is about an hour and a half which I feel is quite enough for my well-shaped body. After training, I go to the market, where I enjoy buying the groceries I need to prepare lunch, because I love to cook. After I finish lunch, I rest a bit and prepare for my functional training classes because I work as a personal and group trainer. That way I feel fulfilled because that's how I manage to transfer my healthy habits and motivation to the people who train with me. Sometimes I have to postpone or move my training due to the activities and engagements I get through my parent agency Models in Management.

Photo: Fox Models

I must mention that I use olive oil for my skin and hair care because I have delicate and dry skin. In order for my hair to be styled the way I want it, I let it dry naturally and only use conditioner for easier detangling.

My bedtime ritual is brushing and flossing. My dinner usually consists of seafood and fish, which I regularly combine with fresh salads or some steamed vegetables. Depending on the mood, I usually spend the evenings listening to my favorite songs and YouTube videos, sometimes singing or dancing. However, there are also evenings when I read spiritual books or I know how to stare at an interesting movie. I fall asleep regularly around 23:30 pm because it is quite enough to have 8 hours of quality sleep.

Photo: Marko Markoski
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