What she is doing today: Katarina Ivanovska, top model

Photo: Private archive / Ani and Dimi / Jovana Zuka

Macedonian and world top model Katarina Ivanovska has a successful international career, and at the same time she is a multitasking mother, maximally dedicated to children.

She started her career as a model in 2004 at the Milan Fashion Week after winning the "Look Models International", the casting for models in Macedonia. Since then, Katarina has conquered the fashion world.

The beautiful model told what her everyday life looks like.

"In general, this period does not have any major oscillations in my daily life.
During the working days, my son Vanja and I wake up early, because he has to be in kindergarten by 9 o'clock. I am an early riser and I love the mornings. After Vanja hugs and kisses me hard for a nice day, it gives me extra strength and I easily perform the other responsibilities. At 10 o'clock I start exercising, it is my daily routine, which gives me both mental and physical strength.

Photo: Private archive

This is followed by housework, tidying up, cleaning, turning on the washing machine, dishwasher, and finally shopping.

We rarely have lunch at home, we often go to my parents or my sister, or sit down at our favorite restaurants.

At 16 pm, after I pick Vanja up from kindergarten, he commands the time and activities he wants to do. Guests often come to us or we go to visit my friends, and because our children are the same age, they are also his best friends.

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Normally, I do not leave out my friends during the day, so depending on their responsibilities, we often go for coffee or lunch.

During the weekends we try to take a walk outside Skopje, and in the evenings I sometimes go out with my friends.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I rarely have fashion engagements, many companies I worked for have closed or are pausing with production. All of us, not just me, are waiting for the end of this world evil that has gripped the entire planet Earth.

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The rule - in bed at 21 pm at home and how it is respected. And then, I have two hours just for me. To read a few pages of an interesting book or watch a movie on Netflix, because we do not watch television.

Photo: Private archive
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