What we learned this week: Germans decide, don't they?

Zharko Jordanoski. / Photo: Free Press

Could Filipce, as a minister, dismiss the director of the Tetovo hospital, even if he knew that whoever wants to enter there, does what he wants, does not see any protocol or law? No way! Well, that director is from DUI, the coalition would be endangered, and with that the Government! It is a sin to dismiss a minister who could not dismiss a director.

Zaev does not give Filipce! Why? Zaev knows. Is that smart for him? Zaev will see. The chickens are counted in autumn. Isn't it because of the elections, we have elections this fall? Shouldn't SDSM's rating "fall" if Filipce takes responsibility for the catastrophic fire? Hasn't anyone judged that if the resignation is accepted, it is accepted that there was guilt for the fire, so that is the motive for such a tough resistance? Therefore, as if under command (or without "how", but under command) on Facebook, all the successes of Filipce had to be rewarded (well, minus covid-mortality), and a dozen directors, from the first to the last, signed a petition for "non-surrender" To the Minister? Clear tactics, we do not give Filipce, if necessary we will all die!

But the resignation, like the stick, has two ends. Its acceptance has its pros and cons, as well as its persistent rejection. If the resignation is accepted, it can be pointed out like this - this government is serious, it bears responsibility for the omissions and mistakes, as it has been promised before the European integration dagger and bible. "Accountability", do you remember? Now, who would have thought that this brings fewer votes in the elections in, say, a Karbinci, than the Schwaler logic - if you do not admit infidelity (guilt), how could it never have happened? And how do they do those calculations? Scientific, with software simulations, with instant surveys? Or by eye, by counting likes under the posts "for" and "against" Filipce?


Someone reminded Zaev that when he wanted, as with the Deputy Minister of Education, for example, he knew the offered resignation to "expedite" to the MPs in 24 hours. Sea also knew how to dismiss an official, if he did not pick up the phone, for example. Others say no, Zaev keeps Filipce because of the big mega-tender in the announcement "New Clinical Center". Come on, please, aren't there other heroes who would struggle with a project with so many zeros besides Filipce? How much do you want! A reputable doctor, on the other hand, said a third thesis that is closest to me, although at first glance it is absurd. Filipce's resignation should not be accepted because there is a bashibozuk in the health care! That's what he said, bashibozuk. So could, please, Filipce, as a minister, dismiss the director of the Tetovo hospital, even if he knew that whoever wants to enter there, does what he wants, does not see any protocol or law? No way! Well, that director is from DUI, the coalition would be endangered, and with that the Government! That director, for example, was "vede" for 11 years, and by law he could not be more than 6 months. But according to the law, not according to DUI. What could a Filipce do to him? It is a sin to dismiss a minister who cannot dismiss a director. Plus, it's not fair.


Now, we are having these conversations between us, they are not for the public. The position for the public is clear - Zaev does not accept the resignations until the investigations are completed. Peki. And what are those investigations? First, an inspection by the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate went to the field "by voice" to determine whether it was true that outsiders were admitted to the Tetovo Clinical Hospital in the covid center, which is strictly forbidden, and a little crazy. , given the risk of infections. And she determined that there was no such thing! Inspectors came, they did not find anyone and please - case close, case closed! Well, common sense is at stake, among the dead are at least two relatives of patients, healthy people who were not allowed to be in the covid center, and dozens of witnesses to the tragedy told themselves that they were released inside the infectious zone of "help" of overworked and understaffed staff. However, this does not apply: "The SSHI can act only if at the moment of surveillance it finds civilians present in the covid-center where the visit is prohibited" - explained the Inspectorate. Eh, what an investigation! So you did not expect, after everything that happened, to find the visitors "in flagrante"? Ah, Zaev will wait for the "results".

Another is the investigation of the Germans. More is expected of her. Only, if Sela is to be believed, immediately after the fire, Grubi and twenty DUI officials conducted their "pre-investigation" at the scene of the fire, walking around the firebox. And the footage shows people throwing pebbles around, just as the hosts report on the tragic epilogue. And what the Germans are like, boring and meticulous, they can say that the scene is "contaminated" (we also saw CSI) and we do not guarantee our results. It is known how to secure a scene, with tape, with police, and inside a chicken must not fly, they will tell you. Only then will Zaev have to make a political decision on the resignations, and not an "investigative" one. However, counting likes is a method.


What you will not hear from the Germans. Here, the renowned German newspaper "Welt am Sonntag" stopped to deal with our local elections and the fingerprint machines that we procured from, please be careful, the German company "Dermalog". For the newspaper, the tender in Northern Macedonia, which was won by their company, was vague and even criminal, so we would have paid the fingerprints very expensively, 11 million euros, so the company did not cost, created chaos in the elections in Afghanistan and Haiti (as can you make a mess, bigger than the one in Afghanistan and Haiti?), the election results were not there for six months, so there was a danger that the same mess would occur in Macedonia! And this is what a German newspaper writes about a German company?

Well, now, we do not drink oil either. That "Dermalog" was a company controlled by Olaf Scholz, the current German Minister of Finance and the leading candidate for Chancellor in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Germany. And now suddenly "Dermalog" does not work! Ordinary order, black propaganda. What will they not do for a desolate government, and here the Germans are telling you.

Unlike these German traitors, we trust German companies in the beginning! Zaev silenced them with a blunt statement that the tender is crystal clear, "Dermalog" honestly won, the other participating companies, all but one, are honestly disqualified. Plus, we all know, 11 million euros is not a lot of money for us, and out of chaos, thank God we are not afraid. Baшкаka, pointed out Zaev, this tender is under the control of VMRO-DPMNE, because it was conducted by the SEC, and there the president is their man. And it is known, if something is under the control of VMRO-DPMNE, there is no room for doubt! Here is another case study. "Dermalog" can be dealt with by Anticorruption, but we know, from examples like "Bakhtel and Enka", that it does not change much.


This week has somehow spent a lot in the sign of the Germans, to be fair! Here, Angela Merkel came on a farewell visit to the Balkans, because she is leaving the position, which, we saw, was measured by Mr. Schulz. All Balkan leaders lined up to say goodbye to the modest and virtuous Mama Merkel, who is all they are not and do not even try to be, probably to promise her that it will remain so after her departure. But it was economical and practical, as God gave it, in order not to spend a lot of money, he visited only two cities in the Balkans - Belgrade and Tirana, so the other leaders had to arrive at the last "baciraka" in these two capitals. Analysts immediately interpret this as a message that they are the two main players (or main villains) in the region, to whom special attention should be paid, after she retires in peace with her husband in a modest two-bedroom apartment and deals with organic food, yoga and long walks. Okay, but why did he make us go to Tirana, which Belgrade lacked, we are used to it there, plus we have a better highway, and we know Serbian, how much? Does he not want to say that we are in the Albanian sphere of influence, in the new "bloc division" in the Balkans? But someone explained that Belgrade was only for NGO meetings, and Tirana for prime ministers, so it eased us a bit. Others said that Merkel in Macedonia is not very comfortable to come, because here she suffered one of the few defeats, despite the many successes in her career. That it could have pressed harder and more convincingly to remove the Bulgarian veto and open the way to the EU for Macedonia, which, among other things, and having great confidence in Merkel, changed its name, became Northern. It is known that in solemn moments no one wants to be reminded of the promises he made and did not fulfill. Only the best should be spoken about the retired, as well as the deceased.

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