What will the peace and development conference of Zaev and Tsipras bring?

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Six years after the signing of the Prespa Agreement, politicians, officials and experts from Europe and the wider region will focus on the developments in the Balkans and the wider region, the climate crisis, the economy and the future of Europe after the European elections, according to the announcement of today's international conference. on the topic of "Peace and Sustainable Development" organized in Athens by the newly founded "Alexis Tsipras Institute" and "Zaev Foundation".

The conference is being held today and tomorrow at the Athens Conservatory and will include 8 discussion panels.

-Two topics on the Balkans and two on regional developments and the role of international organizations in promoting peace. One topic will be about the climate crisis and the green agenda, one about the developments in the European and Greek economy, and two about the future of Europe and dealing with the extreme right. Persons from the international, European, Balkan area and the wider region will participate, prime ministers, former presidents, prime ministers and ministers, European commissioners, academics, prominent scientists, directors of institutes, etc. The ambition of the two co-organizers is to have the "International Conference for Peace and Sustainable Development" held annually, every June, on the anniversary of the signing of the Prespa Agreement and to represent a solid initiative for ongoing support and implementation of the Agreement, giving a strong message of peace against the nationalism that has proven so dangerous in the Balkans, Europe and the wider region, announces the "Alexis Tsipras" Institute on its official website.

The conference will be open to all Greek citizens who wish to attend and watch it, on a first-come, first-served basis, and it will be covered live, with an internet broadcast.

A few hours before the start of the work of the Conference, the former Greek Prime Minister and former leader of the opposition leftist party SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, emphasized that "we strive to express ideologically, but also proactively, the logic of optimism, which is needed in our time. The optimism of the will, which knows and can be combined with the pessimism of the intellect."

More precisely, in the introductory word entitled "A message to you", Alexis Tsipras writes that "in a world fragmented by wars, the gap between the majority and the elites, the systematic destruction of the environment and finally the attack of the extreme right, the Institute wants to give us its message: No we laugh and cannot remain indifferent. We must give space to thought, reflection, dialogue that challenges stereotypes and seeks the new," concludes the former Greek prime minister.

He began the message with verses from Manolis Anagnostakis that summarize the significance of the creation of this Institute: "I saw now; How many hidden treasures I had to preserve; How many water nests shall I maintain in the flames.'

His Institute studies reality in order to propose realistic ways and open ways to change it.

"Planning, deciding, nurturing, seeking, developing, protecting, building, accepting, uniting. These active actions express the disposition and decision to participate actively, in our own way and with our own means, in the great effort, which is manifested by initiatives in Greece, Europe, the world that foresees and follows another concept and another model for development, which must be sustainable and be reaped by all, with justice. An ethical approach to the social and economic problems of our time, social contradictions, issues of peace and war, dominant practices, which even threaten life on the planet. We welcome and embrace the richness of opinions, the energy of dialogue, the driving force of diversity and confrontation," are part of the Institute's goals.

Among the speakers announced at the Conference are the Mayor of Athens, Harris Doukas, as well as the former Prime Minister and President of PASOK, Giorgos Papandreou, and the current President of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kaselakis, will also participate.

The Zaev Foundation - One Society for All was founded on June 8, 2022 as a non-governmental and non-profit organization for performing activities and activities for the advancement, support and development of society, public health, education of young people, environmental protection, sports, culture , the art and business community, based in Strumica.

Ex-prime ministers Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 and received the consolation International Peace Prize of Westphalia for 2020 due to the Prespa Agreement, which resolved the nearly three-decade long Macedonian-Greek name dispute.

The Greek police banned a protest rally against the conference of Zaev and Tsipras in Athens

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