What is love? Each of the zodiac signs has its own answer

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Those born in the sign of Aries understand love as a basic right and seek it even in unusual and unexpected places. Without love they feel like they are withering and it is like a magic potion for them. They are like that in the relationship, they are constantly looking for evidence of love, and if their partner neglects them, they will cool down.


Taurus knows how to love, they are unwavering and loyal and appreciate the security of the relationship. They are attracted to people who can provide that. But they can be possessive, dependent on their partner and jealous. For them, love is something that must always be available.


Love for Gemini is a pleasant relationship with a partner. But in a negative sense, love can make them feel some limitation in life. Gemini will then show superficiality, a tendency to betray, and insecurity. If the relationship seems like an obligation to them, they will feel that it is a restriction on their freedom.


For them, love is the number one need, huge and deeply sentimental. They are emotional, generous and sensual, that is the basis of their inner life. In life they want to build a "love nest", in which they will feel fulfilled.


With those born in the sign of Leo, love is a real fire, romantic and beautiful. They want scenes from romantic movies and fairy tales, they want to be in love and feel loved and needed. They have the ability to evoke a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction in a loved one. At the same time, they need domination, which is manifested in a love affair.

The Maiden

Those born in this sign believe in what they see, love for them is a real mystery. Often their greatest loves are home, work or somewhere. In a relationship, they are fully committed to the relationship and the partner, but will always see its practical side.


For them, love is harmony, they seek balance in the union of two persons. They want a balanced relationship, in which there are no extremes…

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