Residents from the Day Center in Bitola received a sensory room

Photo: Ministry of Labor and Social Policy

The Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Jovana Trenchevska today in Bitola, officially marked the beginning with the work of the sensory room as part of the Center for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

The sensory room, which is part of the day center, aims to support the stimulation of the senses of hearing, sight, touch, smell and also affects the development of fine motor skills.

The civil association "Deca" from Austria, the company "Interworks" and the Center for Social Work in Bitola jointly participated in furnishing the room.

"This joint work once again showed that the involvement of all stakeholders in society: the non-governmental sector, the business sector and the Government through its institutions, gives the best results from which the citizens have a direct benefit. It was with this donation that we contributed to better conditions in Bitola and highlighting the potential of people with disabilities," said Minister Trenchevska.

During today's visit to Bitola, she recalled the policies and measures that the Government adopted in the past period, which refer to persons with disabilities.

"The increase of the right to disability by 14,2% and the right to a special allowance of 30% directly contributed to the improvement of the quality of life of people with disabilities. The Ministry also works on services and this is demonstrated in action by the establishment of day care centers, help and care in the home, personal assistance and educational assistants. The Ministry will continue to advocate for the establishment of equal access to persons with disabilities in all services in all settlements in the country," added the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Jovana Trenchevska.

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