Stip hospital is full of staff, says doctor Sashko Nikolov

The head of the cardiology department at the Clinical Hospital in Shtip, doctor Sasko Nikolov, in an interview with MIA, says that the hospital lacks staff, and that the number of employees in the Department of Cardiology should be twice as high as it is now. Now it works with eight cardiologists, 23 nurses, two paramedics and one hygienist for patients from two regions of the country. Dr. Nikolov believes that by doubling the staff, this department will function perfectly.

- The Shtip Clinical Hospital has eight cardiologists. When you distribute those cardiologists according to work activities, in a working day and in a working week, who should be where, to cover duty, the on-call ambulance should be covered, the echo cardiovascular room should be covered, the Doppler room should be covered , an angiography room should be covered and an angiography room should be covered which will be 24/7. When you see on this that you have a doctor, which one doctor is on duty for 22 serious patients who are lying with us, the patients require continuous care. You can't leave the patient alone in a room and see him twice during the shift, you have to be with the patients 24/7. On the other hand, the 21st century and the time in which we live requires a large number of patients with cardiac problems, especially hypertension, chest pain, they all come during one working day, around the clock. If I tell you that after working hours, after three o'clock until the next day, after 50, 60 examinations, there is one doctor, and he has to take care of the patients who are stented and the patients who are hospitalized in a serious state of health, and at the end of the day he has to to examine all these patients, this cannot be achieved with one doctor. If we understand that in each department we have one nurse who takes care of 10 to 12 patients in the intensive section, another 12 patients in the semi-intensive section, that is a very small staff, who can give what I, as a chief, ask from my staff . However, even with this staff we have, we try to give the maximum response to the demands of our patients, says doctor Nikolov.

Currently, the Stip Clinical Hospital and the Department of Cardiology have eight cardiologists and 23 nurses, who work intensively in the Department of Cardiology, two X-ray technologists, two paramedics and one hygienist.

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