Steinmeier came to Kavadarci with the "Mercedes" bought by Gruevski and Jankuloska

The German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier in the afternoon he arrived to visit Kavadarci with a government vehicle - the luxury "Mercedes" worth 600.000 euros, which was purchased during the time of the former prime minister Nikola Gruevski and the former Minister of Internal Affairs Gordana Jankuloskawrites "Фокус".

Both Gruevski (in absentia) and Jankuloska in the "Tank" case were convicted for the purchase of the "Mercedes", that is, for receiving a reward and illegal influence. And the then head of public procurement in the Ministry of the Interior, Gjoko Popovski, was sentenced to prison in the case, for abuse of official duty and authority.

The Mayor of Kavadarci, Mitko Jancev, confirmed for "Focus" that it is the disputed, armored luxury car.

About five years ago, the former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev publicly announced that the "Mercedes" will be sold, and ambulances will be purchased with the money. Then the car was preserved because it was material evidence in the "Tank" case, so the sale was postponed.

According to what could be seen today in Kavadarci, the Government has apparently abandoned plans to sell the luxury car and it will use it for its own needs.

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