A Spanish football player seeking citizenship found out that he was a prince, inherited an island and a great fortune

Photo: jordiamat5/instagram

Jordi Amat is not a well-known name in the football world and currently plays for a club from Malaysia, but now he has found himself in the limelight after finding out himself that he is a prince.

Namely, Amat is a Spaniard originally from Malaysia, and the decision to follow his roots changed his life. Following his grandmother's ancestry, he applied for and received Indonesian citizenship, but in the process he learned that he was actually an island prince in the country.


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It is about an island named Siau on which 45.000 people live and it extends over 16.000 square kilometers.

Besides gaining the title of prince, Amat also inherits a great fortune. His grandmother was related by blood to the former king and now most of the island belongs to the footballer.

Otherwise, throughout his career, Amat also performed for famous clubs such as Espanyol, Rayo Vallecano, Swansea, Betis and Eupen. Recently he also made his debut for Indonesia. At least according to the announcements, despite the fact that he is now a prince, Amat will continue to play football.

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