Spain began mass testing for a shorter work week

The Spanish government has launched a new project that will test the reduction of the working week to four days for small and medium-sized enterprises over the next two years. According to Reuters, the Ministry of Industry of Spain said that 10 million euros will be provided to the companies for these purposes.

"The state is ready to compensate the companies for additional costs, if they happen at all." If the model is successful, then it can be introduced throughout the country. it can generate productivity that compensates for wage costs where wages are not cut," it states.

In recent years, several major Spanish companies, including telecommunications giant Telefonica and fashion group Desigual, have tested the four-day workweek model. However, few such tests have been done in industry, and where it has been tested, there has usually been a reduction in wages.

"Even before this experiment, Telefonica offered its employees to switch to a four-day work week with a 12 percent reduced salary. Another Spanish concern, El Sol, announced in 2021 that switching to a four-day work week while maintaining the same salary increased the company's performance, employee productivity, and also customer satisfaction," the Spanish media pointed out, the Clixba portal reported.

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