Spain will raise salaries in the administration and will reduce the working week to 35 hours

Spain's Ministry of Finance is considering proposals to increase salaries by 3,5 percent for public servants, as well as to reduce the working week to 35 hours, Spanish media reported.

The general secretary of the labor commissions, Unai Sordo, in an interview with the TV channel "24 Chasa", did not want to speculate with the numbers, but he clearly stated the position of his union that it expects an agreement on salary increases.

According to the newspaper "El Pais", along with the salary increase, the Ministry led by Maria Jesus Montero intends to offer the possibility of reducing the working week of public servants to 35 hours.

The Ministry of Finance did not want to confirm the figures they will offer because the negotiations are open.

Thousands of public administration workers took to the streets of Madrid on September 24, demanding from the Spanish Government a "fair" wage increase and "effective" economic measures to help fight rising prices.

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