Scholz believes that if Ukraine gets the Taurus missiles, it can use them to attack Russia


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, during the so-called "Public Dialogue" in Dresden, repeated his already known position, not to allow the sending of Taurus missiles to Ukraine, reported Ukrinform.

This time, Scholz's arguments in support of his position were that the German-made missiles could potentially be used against targets in the Russian capital.

The head of the German government said that the "Taurus", whose range is up to 500 kilometers, can hit any specific target in Moscow, if used incorrectly.

Scholz added that "for all the diplomatic abstraction, other countries also made sure they knew exactly where their weapons were falling."

- In the case of Germany, this would mean the involvement of German missile programming experts to ensure that the missiles do not fly to the wrong targets, Scholz pointed out.

The German chancellor has stated several times that their missiles are a much more complex system than the French and British ones.

- I believe that is impossible. From the very beginning I made it clear: there will be no German soldiers, NATO soldiers in Ukraine, and my position remains unchanged, the chancellor emphasized.

Scholz indicated that NATO and other allies should not become part of the conflict.

- We will prevent an escalation, a war between Russia and NATO, stressed the German politician.

He also admitted he was irritated by criticism of his decision not to send Taurus missiles to Ukraine, as many were forgetting that Berlin had sent "much more than that". Germany is the second largest arms supplier to Ukraine, and if the US Congress fails in its attempt to vote more money to Kiev, Germany will be at the top of the list of donors. The chancellor cited a number of weapons systems that Berlin has sent them, alongside other partners, including tanks, rocket launchers, air defense systems and more.

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