Scholz: I think that Putin already knew a year ago that he was going to attack Ukraine

Olaf Scholz / Photo: EPA-EFE / Michele Tantussi / POOL

The decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade neighboring Ukraine was made in advance, according to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, DPA reported.

- I think that the decision to start the war was made a year earlier or maybe even earlier, because he was preparing for it. So he will be able to continue the war for a long time, said Scholz in an interview with CBS.

Scholz admitted that it was a mistake for European countries to become dependent on Russian energy.

– We should have invested in the infrastructure across Europe that would give us the ability to change procurement, from day to day. This is a lesson learned in Europe and in many other places, that you have to be prepared - ready for a situation like this, explained the German chancellor.

When asked how much Germany spends on Russian energy imports, he only replied that the amount is decreasing.

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