Shock in Serbia: The favorite TV presenter was found dead in her home

Photo: Instagram/Bojana Jankovic

The Serbian hostess Bojana Jankovic (née Nikolic) was found dead in her apartment in Belgrade, writes the Serbian media "Kurir".

The Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade was notified of her death and an autopsy was ordered. There are no visible marks of violence on the body.

Unofficially, they learned from "Kurir" that the ambulance arrived on Friday at around 19 pm and confirmed that the host had died. The body was transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

Bojana Jankovic became famous in the cult show on Pink television - "Grad".

She was married to Ognjen Jankovic, the frontman of the rap group Belgrade Syndicate. They were last seen together in 2022, after which they divorced by mutual consent after 15 years of marriage, remaining on good terms and caring for their two daughters. According to her social media posts, she was close to her family.

Bojana and Ognjen Jankovic / Photo: Instagram/Bojana Jankovic

Her latest post on Instagram saddened many as she wished her daughter a happy 15th birthday by posting a photo of her.

Bojana started her journalistic career at BK television. After that he edited and hosted shows on Metropolis and Pink televisions. He also worked as a public relations representative on environmental protection and European integration projects, Serbian media reports.

In 2014, she returned to the cameras after a long break. She hosted the show "Tachno u 1" on TV Prva, and then the show "Grad" on Pink.

"Returning to journalism, my first and basic love, and even then to my profession, is not accidental. This is the result of the huge desire to do what fulfills me the most, makes me happy and challenges me professionally," she said then, according to "Glossy".

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